Blackboard update for faculty 1/5/2015

Dear Faculty,
Spring Semester 2016 has finally arrived and Blackboard at ATC is ready to go! The CTL will continue to support faculty as we move through our first semester with Blackboard. Workshops, one-on-one and small group trainings, open labs, and online resources will be available throughout the term.

The following is important information regarding Blackboard student enrollment for Spring Semester 2016.

1. Blackboard student enrollment files will be run daily through Monday, 1/11/2016. Confirm that all students on your BANNER roster are on your Blackboard roster. After 1/11/2016, please contact the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) if a student needs to be added to your Blackboard roster.
2. The CTL will remove students from your Blackboard rosters who have dropped from your Banner rosters on Wednesday, January 13th. We will run this roster adjustment process after students submitted as no shows and students rolled out due to non-payment have been removed from your Banner rosters. This process will ensure all students on your Banner rosters are on your Blackboard rosters.