CTL Studio: Tips for Producing Online Videos

If you are teaching online, thinking about flipping your classroom, or would like to supplement F2F instruction with some online videos, the CTL can help. See below the list of equipment available at our Studio and a Step-by-step plan for producing video for online distance learning.

Recording Equipment

  • Cameras and Video Cameras
    • Sony 3D
    • Go-Pros
    • JVC Professional 4k cameras
    • Canon Point and Shoot
    • Canon Mark III
    • Canon Vixia
    • Webcams
  • Audio Equipment
    • Lavelier Mic
    • Shotgun Mic
    • Handheld Mic
  • Monitor (preview videos)

Physical Infrastructure

  • Set Design and Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Tripods, Stands and Mounts
  • Bags, Cases and Travel Gear


  • Apple Mac Pro 3.33 Ghz 12 Core/8GB/1TB/ATI Radeon 5770/OSX 10.10 MC561LL/A-CTO
  • Final Cut Pro and iMovie
  • Compressor
  • Adobe Premiere and After Effects (Soon!)