Digital Public Library of America Primary Source Sets for teachers

These educational projects  from the DPLA (Digital Public Library of America) are based upon primary materials, digitized materials scanned directly from the original items such as manuscripts, letters, etc. of historic significance. (For those of you who do genealogy, you’re quite familiar with primary materials!)  While not OER, they could be interesting supplementary materials and/or assignments for teaching.

As this collection expands, there might be other content of interest beyond general humanities.


Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is very pleased to announce the release of its first group of Primary Source Sets about topics in US history, literature, and culture. These sets were developed and reviewed by a new Education Advisory Committee for use by students and teachers in grades 6-12 and higher education. Each set includes an overview, ten to fifteen primary sources, links to additional resources, and a teaching guide. This project was generously funded by the Whiting Foundation.

In the coming year, DPLA will be adding new sets and new features to the project. To learn more about DPLA’s education work, read about education projects, sign up for the education news list, or contact