Getting faculty involved: OpenEd Conference 2014 Conference Notes

Ideas to get faculty involved in OER

  • Make it easy for faculty
    • Identify OER for specific courses and share it with faculty
    • Training in tools
    • Partnerships & mentoring
      • Between OER staff and faculty
      • Between faculty – can they collaborate on resources? e.g., one biology book for all
      • Between faculty and students – can students – or select students – help write or edit some of the OER? Help identify OER? (this can all be part of coursework)
    • GIve them a reason to do it (money, prestige, part of tenure process, etc – money was mentioned several times.)
  • Have a few physical copies (printed) of what an open book actually looks like – they may need to see an actual textbook.
  • Identify appropriate human resources
    • Find innovators and get them on board
    • Get the word out to stakeholders – whoever is making textbook decisions
    • Get support from administration
    • Staffing for OER

Notes from the OpenEd Conference in 2014 by the Portal Manager, Robin Fay.


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