Equipment Reservations

Do you need equipment to create educational content for your class? Are you presenting at a conference and need a laptop, projector, or other equipment?

Contact us – we have equipment to help you!

Equipment Available:

  • Laptops
  • Microsoft Surface Pros
  • iPads
  • Drawing Tablets
  • Projectors
  • Web Cameras
  • Go-Pros (Wearable Camera)
  • Point and Shoot Cameras
  • Live Streaming Cameras
  • Digital SLR Cameras
  • 3D Professional Cameras
  • Pro Video Cameras
  • Studio Kits (Lighting, Backdrops, Stands, Tripods, etc.)
  • Recording Studio and Editing Booth
  • Audio Recording Equipment
  • 3D/Virtual Reality Projector
  • Large Format Plotter/Scanner/Printer* (in house use only)
  • Slide Advancers
  • Microphones and Headsets

New! We now have a Studio Space in the library – setup to meet your needs for developing online content.

Use our helpdesk form (Intranet login needed) to inquire about an equipment reservation, schedule a consultation, or request assistance.