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What are ePortfolios? ePortfolios are a collection of work demonstrating achievement or improvement (Rick Stiggins, 1994) with a story (narrative). This collection of artifacts demonstrates effort, progress and achievement. Within an educational setting a portfolio can be prepared in the context of a course, a program, or an institution; the author of the portfolio can be the student, a faculty member, an administrator, or an organization (depart, program, etc.); and the purpose of the portfolio may be developmental, evaluative, and/or representative.

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Impact of ePortfolios in building 21st Century Skills, Robin Fay, 2014

“ A portfolio is the story of knowing.  Knowing about things. . .Knowing oneself. . .Knowing an audience. . . Portfolios are students’ own stories of what they know, why they believe they know it, and why others should be of the same opinion.  A portfolio is opinion backed by fact. . .Students prove what they know with samples of their work” (Paulson & Paulson, 1991)

At Athens Technical College,  ePortfolios are used in a variety of different ways and in different programs. The ePortfolio program began as an outgrowth of the First Year Seminar (FSSE) initiative, which is a first year experience designed to give students the foundational tools they need to achieve academically. ePortfolios are now used as part of articulation agreements with local high schools, in individual programs to document student work, and as a requirement of the FSSE. The ePortfolio project is supported by the Dean of the CTL  (Workflows, FSSE Rubric, FSSE Implementation) and the Portal Manager (Design, Workflows, Documentation, Welding/Articulation Process pilot project, a joint project between Madison County High School and Athens Technical College).

ePortfolios @ ATC

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For Articulation ePortfolios, please contact your faculty liaison at Athens Technical College, your Career Academy Coordinator, or the High School Coordinator at Athens Technical College.  Editing the Articulation ePortfolio requires a password and login, please contact the CTL at ctl@athenstech.edu or High School Coordinator. For FSSE ePortfolios, please contact the CTL at ctl@athenstech.edu for more information.