About the Bootcamp

About the Bootcamp:

In 2015, The Center for Teaching & Learning of Athens Technical College staff (Dean:Mary Clare DiGiaComo, Portal Manager: Robin Fay, and Instructional Designer: Natasha Barreto) wrote a successful grant application for a New Media Consortium (NMC) /HP LIFE E-Learning mini-grant.

This grant is facilitating the Fall 2015 CTL Professional Development Program Series: Making it Happen: Entrepreneurship & Education Bootcamp, for teaching faculty. Participants in this Bootcamp are using tablets to engage with content in the HP LIFE e-learning series for entrepreneurs, which focuses on entrepreneurship, business, and IT skills. Campers are participating in weekly meetings to discuss topics and brainstorm ideas such as how higher education can incorporate ideas from startups and maker culture.

Weekly blog posts here encapsulate discussion and provide opportunities for reflection and collaboration. Participants will also complete a brief pre-camp survey and post-camp survey, a potential lesson plan and participate in weekly meetings. Potential outcomes of the program include incorporation of innovative teaching practices using entrepreneurial ideas in the 21st century classroom, establishing a community of practice focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, and a stronger network of technology startups and makerspaces within the Athens, Georgia region.

Participating faculty will receive HP course certificates, ATC professional development credit of 15 hours, a tablet for participation and a stipend upon completion. Participation will be by application and faculty must participate fully to receive the tablet and stipend. The CTL will facilitate and coordinate the program, hosting meetings and providing support. Campers, check the LMS for more important information.

Interested in learning more about this exciting program sponsored by a minigrant from HP and NMC? Visit our website for detailed schedule or read the blog posts from our faculty. Feel free to drop us an email.