Bootcamp Rubrics

MIH_bootcamp_logo-01Fulltime and adjunct faculty at Athens Technical College are participating in the Making It Happen Bootcamp to learn about entrepreneurship in the classroom. Upon completion of the 6- week program, faculty earn 15 hours of professional development credits, HP certificates (if applicable), a digital device AND a stipend!  Bootcamp applications were open from July 24-August 7, 2015; with Campers notified on August 14, 2015.  Only 10 faculty were  selected.   The Making It Happen: Entrepreneurship & Education Bootcamp is sponsored by a grant from The New Media Consortium and HP.

Application Criteria

Yes No
Presents pitch clearly.
Uses current references to emerging technologies.
Includes principles of 21st century skills.
Presents a well-developed plan that can successfully be implemented in a classroom setting.

Completion Criteria

Yes No
Completes the pre- and post-program surveys.
Completes 5 modules across the HP Life e-Learning courses
Participates in all required weekly discussions.
Creates all required weekly reflective blog posts.
Drafts and presents a lesson plan to be incorporated by Spring 2016.