Tech Bits

tech bits logoFridays: Noon Nov.6-Dec.11 @ the CTL
Lunch and learn your way to new skills, explore CTL’s tools and resources, and gain tips for hacking your work.
Sessions include apps and software to use in the classroom (and life!), a tour of our new Studio which is ready for your video recording, image editing, and more, tips and tools to take your photography to the next level, and getting started with, your online library of classes and resources encompassing graphic design, Microsoft Office, Blackboard, 3D technologies, business skills and much more!
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TECH BITS Fridays 12-12:30
11/06: Free Online Apps & Software for Education
11/13: Studio Tour: Basics
11/20: Your online training library:
12/04: Creative Commons
12/11: Photo Basics for Free: Apps, Editors, & Tips
Bite sized learning to fit your busy schedule!