holo lens

CTL’s goal is to increase student success through ongoing support and development of the faculty. In meeting those goals, CTL provides equipment and software in new teaching technologies, such as 3D. CTL supports the technologies that fall under the umbrella of 3D including digital 3D and development. For more information, please email us at ctl@athenstech.edu 3D covers a broad range of technologies from 3D printers that “print” real objects to digital 3D. Passive vs. Active passive (works similar to the old “red/blue lens” approach) active (computer signal in receptor in glasses) Types of 3D audience/view (typically uses passive glasses so no interaction) interactive (typically uses active glasses; participant can be interactive with content) kinetic (uses active glasses and a hands-free system gesture like Xbox) Interactive immersive 3D technology is what is called virtual reality. Virtual reality can involve using an avatar (Second Life) in an online experience or inserting the participant directly into the game or environment (many point of view – POV- games use this approach).   Holograms are digital images projected onto the real world via glasses or some other optical based device (e.g., Microsoft’s Holo Lens). 4D adds another level through providing tactile sensations (touch) or smell….

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